Plugging In & Taking Ctrl…

Here it is, the first post. Evidently, I am writing this on Sunday evening at the very end of week 1. To which I have reached a point where I can no longer procrastinate my way out of it. To some this would seem odd. Perhaps to the people who thrive on the ability to demonstrate their creativity, express their thoughts or simply the students within this course that are thrilled at the idea of doing a whole university course focused on ICT. Well, as you can tell by my rush to meet my first looming weekly deadline, I am in fact not one of those people.

It is not that I hate technology, quite the opposite in true 90’s kid fashion. However, as a preservice teacher who prays for all to go right when stepping into the classroom on professional experience, you could say I do not trust it. I mean, we all want that glowing report from our mentor after a great lesson. So when I plan a lesson, the last thing I consider is how I can deliver a teaching episode with the use of ICT. I like to think I am flexible and that am able to adapt to what is placed in front of me, therefore making this hard to admit. However, avoiding it where possible just seems smarter to me. I can not be the only one, right?

Upon reflection of writing this however, my lack of consideration of how to encompass ICT in my pedagogy is more so what is stopping me. I am yet to have an issue with technology, highlighting the reason being more related to the refusal of reaching into the ‘too hard’ basket and exploring beyond my comfort zone. The word ‘learn’ by definition is to ‘gain or acquire knowledge of or skill in (something) by study, experience, or being taught’. Therefore, whilst on my learning pathway at university with the support of many, it only seems reasonable to immerse myself in ICT within a pedagogical context now rather than later.

With my absence of a technology horror story in mind (touch wood), consider this first post my vows to letting go of my apprehension towards this course and ICT in general. Me reaching into the dreaded ‘too hard’ basket and having a crack. The beginning of me plugging in (so to speak), taking ctrl and utilising ICT as part of my pedagogy toolkit.

May the learning begin!

Miss Ingram – Signing out


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