Signaling the Connection

Week 2 and learning is already well and truly underway.

In this week’s lecture and tutorial I was exposed to two frameworks that explain the rise in ICTs in the 21st century, as well as their ability to be effectively implemented into the classroom. This was vital in my learning as it allowed me to question ‘why NOT use ICTs’ rather than finding excuses not to. This being a common characteristic of mine.

The R.A.T Framework (2007) firstly seemed to me to have a fitting name, this being that I generally relate ICT in the classroom to being a pest. Although the connection sounding harsh as ICT can prove quite useful, it is the truth when attempting to provide a seamless lesson with as minimal potential elements to spoil this as possible. However, the framework is actually a great tool in assessing to what ability ICT coincides with the learning. It has been recognised that first you must consider what has been changed by the use of ICT . What has been been adjusted during the learning process, the instructional method, as well as the curriculum intention. Once these have been answered, the ability to identify whether the use of ICTs has Replaced, Amplified or Transformed can be established.

Alternatively, The Big Three (Kirschner and Wopereis, 2003) is an overarching view of ICT, its ability to explain the popularity and importance of it in the modern classroom. It looks at three key ideas as to significance of the intergration of ICT skills into curriculum areas. These being;

  • preparing the next generation for the workforce,
  • making schools more efficient and productive and,
  • enhancing and transforming learning and teaching

Looking at these three dot points or whether ICT has had a R.A.T effect in a classroom, is very different to putting it into practice. To me, being able to SEE the difference it is making within the learning environment is more enriching for my ICT change of view process. So, I look forward to being able to do so during my prac placement. Having the ability to reflect on the effectiveness of ICTs in my classroom with alignment to these frameworks.

Until then, I have already begun my toolbox of ICT resources by creating a ‘’ mind map. Although upon closer examination, it makes the connection to ICT and teaching a lot clearer. At a glance it replicates how my mind feels when the word ‘technology’ and ‘pedagogy’ is said in the same sentence – all over the place! Therefore, enjoy my creation (particularly my proud colour choices), however I would advice a closer look!

Miss Ingram – Signing out


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