Constructing and Transforming with ICT

Week 3 and things are heating up.

This week we have examined the two terms of constructive knowledge and transforming knowledge. My first thought is ‘here we go, yet more terminology to add to my ever-expanding list’. But I was wrong, the terms turned out to be quite basic and surprisingly helpful. Simply, it refers to the two type of student knowledge that underpins planning. Being able to identify what elements within the curriculum is valuable to the planning process as it provides the opportunity to reflect on a couple of key questions. Constructive knowledge refers the the content students will learn about, answering the ‘What do we want students to know and understand’ question. Additionally the question of ‘What do we want students to be able to do when they apply and transform their knowledge’ can be answered when the transforming knowledge is identified. The learn how to use phase of knowledge evidence. The effectiveness of these terms were put to the test this week when delving into my assignment for this course. To say I was struggling to begin with was an understatement. Partly due to the procrastination that I have already admitted to when introducing myself. But I have since noticed that it is mostly due to the fact I was trying to initiate a unit plan of attack without finding the finish line. Figuring out what I wanted the students to achieve proved to be the first step towards winning the race (literally – the race towards the pending assignment due date).

In saying this, my new favourite terms were not the only thing saving my GPA this time, but also my Backwards Design skills. Created by Wiggins and McTighe (2005), this process encourages the search for the desired finish line I so desperately needed this week. Nutting out what the end goal is for all to achieve the gold medal in the event of learning assists a great deal with the unit planning process. It means that meaningful action can be taken in order to meet the intentions set out, giving the students the best opportunity to smash those assessments out of the park.

Thankfully, as a result of these two strategies to improve the efficiency in my planning, I am well on my way to submitting my assignment on time (woo!). Until next weeks reflections (and potential rants depending on how the week goes)…

Miss Ingram – Signing out


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