ICT Enriched Learning Experiences

Week 6 and university is getting crazy! I have never been one to juggle multiple assignments at once across courses. Although very inconvenient, I seem to find myself HAVING to finish one assignment before moving onto the next. This little quirk of mine however has definitely been put to the test this semester already. This professional experience scheduled towards the end of semester, I have noted that I need to start pulling up my socks and get started ahead of time! I won’t lie though, I really am struggling!

This week in EDC3100 we are further exploring what ICT rich unit plans look like in preparation for assignment 2, as well as the further planning of assignment 3 (inner me having a small twitch about doing 2 assignments at once – within the same course!). During this week I had a squiz at the ‘Enhacing your ICT Enriched Learning Experiences’ eBook and was particularly pleased with myself. I had set myself up for success when developing my ICT rich unit plan within assignment 1 as I planned the assessment around the use of ICT. My unit plan being designed will be for year 7 English students. Instead of teaching and assessing language features in traditional ways, the developed unit will allow students to take their knowledge of both language and ICT software to create their very own digital story. Not only does this providing an engaging platform for students to demonstrate their learning, due to the enormous array of ICT strategies and programs, the unit can be easily adapted and differentiated for any learner.

I took the time to consider the below questions and I think I may be onto a winner:

  1. What’s going to make this unit of work exciting and engaging for the students?
  2. What’s going to drive the students to be wanting to work all the time on the Learning Experiences of this unit of work, rather than sighing in disappointment when they are told they have to do this unit of work?
  3. How does your unit of work bridge the interest gulf between your learners’ interests and the learning objectives of your unit?
  4.  Have you drawn on literature and analysed your unit against frameworks to be able to answer these questions?
  5. What do you need to add to your unit plan?

Until next time,

Miss Ingram – Signing out


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