Worthwhile Assessment

Week 9 and wishing for a longer semester break! For many, the break only eliminates the time spent in university classes, however luckily for me, I work in a school and also received a little holiday from work. Unfortunately though, I am already regretting my inability to use my time effectively to get ahead in university work! In saying that, I had a well rested break and used the time to catch up on some of the social aspects I miss out on as I knuckle down for the semester.

So the weekly question, what was the learning that I achieved since my last post within the course? Well, I don’t believe this week was heavy on content however an important question was addressed – why are we required to develop a website and create an ‘artifact’ for our final Assignment. Although I didn’t question why we had to do it personally, I didn’t reflect upon what I would gain out of doing so. However, now that I am, it seems like a course that has worthwhile assessment. I believe that we often are expected to identify the curriculum requirements and either, write about it, make a task sheet and rubric, or a sequence of learning whether that be a lesson plan or a unit plan. Being asked to do all the above, and then further implement it in a practical element provides as with a realistic experience. It is too often that I believe our assessments at university lack a practical element so crucial to being an effective teacher both within our professional experience and more importantly when faced with the job of teaching independently.

As a result, I have been turned. Prior to beginning the course, I was dreading what it would involve, to now being a positive Polly towards it.

See you again next week,

Miss Ingram – Signing out


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