Week 10 and we have now reached the same month as professional experience. I always love my time spent at professional experience, however I am nervous about this one! This time round I have extra commitments and I worry I won’t perform at my best. In saying this, I have a few more weeks to get my head around it.

This week whilst examining the eBooks I came across the safe, responsible and ethical use of ICT. This content brings with it another element to ICT within education. Although the integration of technology in our schools and classrooms are important, explicitly teaching how to use it safely and ethically is vital.

Cybersafety is an area of education that should forever be revised through the years of schooling. This is supported by the Australian Government’s Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner who provide a substantial amount of resources for both teachers and students regarding this important area of learning. Although it is said that this is taught throughout schooling, it was only last year when teaching students about cybersafety myself, the lack of knowledge the student in junior secondary held. As a result, I will ensure that just like the embedding of literacy and numeracy across my subject areas, that I will also integrate important cybersafety elements into my teaching. This will in turn prevent the little red riding hoods being intercepted by the wolves of the world.

See you in a weeks time,

Miss Ingram – Signing out


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