Professional Experience Time…

Week 12, my final week of the course before heading off to professional experience and my goodness I am drowning. Since meeting with my mentor I have a strong feeling this experience is going to be a positive one, hopefully that will make the next few weeks filled with life’s commitments a lot easier! I am frantically studying up on content that I will be teaching, considering the ICT integrations I can employ as well as juggling the demands of assessment, sporting commitments and general life. I hope I am not alone in this feeling?!

In saying all of this, I am still thoroughly enjoying this course as I continue to work on my website development for my 3rd assignment. I enjoy the creativity that I m able to utilise to make an engaging and worthwhile resource for my hypothetical year 7 English class. As I nervously await my assignment 2 marks, I am adding as much information as I can, avoiding putting too much time yet into elements that may require adjustments once receiving my marks. However, all in all I am already proud of what I have been able to achieve.  For this reason I wish to share with you my website link which is a working process in the hope that feedback between peers can occur. 

Finally, I wish everyone an enjoyable and successful professional experience period in which you are able to reach into your new and developing ICT toolbox of tricks. Let’s hope we all leave happy with our time spent at the schools, yet sad to leave.


Miss Ingram – Signing out


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